What to expect at your appointment

Upon arriving for you appointment our friendly administrative staff will welcome you at the rooms.

If you have been able to complete the new patient questionnaire prior to your appointment, please email it to our practice (get in touch via our online contact form or phone (08) 7127 2298) or bring it with you to your appointment.

If possible, please bring your referral letter and any relevant radiology studies on films or CD. It is also a good idea to bring a family member or close friend if you are comfortable doing so. They can be a second pair of ears and can help to remember information or ask any questions you may forget. Any necessary tests and investigations will be arranged at the appointment.

If a surgical procedure is recommended, this will be fully explained at the appointment. You will be able to ask any questions you may have at this time. Arrangements for surgery can be made at the appointment, and staff at The Memorial Hospital will contact you with information about admission times and location. They will also provide you with the Preadmission paperwork.

Further follow up appointments can be made after your consultation if needed. If you have any concerns or further questions after your consult, you may contact the rooms by email or calling us on (08) 7127 2298.

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